Nele Vos studied MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins in London and works on the intersection of communication design and its build environment.

Since 2008 she has been producing exhibition design concepts, visual identities, campaigns and installations for companies and cultural institutions such as Tent. Rotterdam, Times Square Alliance, Queen Elisabeth Olympic Park, Cruise Terminal Rotterdam, Public NYC, Open University London and Superuse Studios.

Her design work has been published by Die Gestalten, Viewpoint Magazine, Volume Magazine, Die Zeit newspaper and is part of the permanent collection at the Poster Museum in Aarhus.

Her self initiated traveling installation The Citizenshop / Citizenship contests the meaning of citizenship and was shown at Tate Modern, Clerkenwell Gallery and Lethaby Gallery in London.

Nele currently shares her time between commissions, collaborations and self-initiated installations in Berlin and abroad.


In my design practice I combine commissions and freelance work.

Some services I offer include:
– Event concept, narrative and creative direction
– Experience design
– Installations for civic participation
– Customer Journey, story based consulting and design

Depending on the scale of the project, I work either independently or in collaboration with other designers, makers, producers etc.

If you have an idea you’d like to discuss, feel free to get in touch!


Central Saint Martins
MA Narrative Environments
Master of the Arts (Distinction)
2014-2016, London, UK

Hoogeschool voor de Kunsten
Bachelor of Graphic Design
2004-2008, Arnhem, NL


Goller & Vos UG
Co-founder, Designer
2016-2018, Berlin

Freelance Designer
2016, London

Freelance Designer
2014, London

Co-founder, Designer
2008-2013, Rotterdam

Roger Teeuwen Ontwerpers
Freelance Designer
2008-2009, Rotterdam

MGMT. Design
Design Intern
2008, New York City


01/2018 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
MA Narrative Environments
External Critic
Work in Progress Show

01/2017 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
MA Narrative Environments
External Critic
Work in Progress Show

11/2015 (UK)
London Metropolitan University
External Critic
Foundation course

03/2012 (NL)
Willem de Kooning Academy
Project-week Have we met?


05/2017 (UK)
Clerkenwell Gallery, London
The Citizenshop – Installation
30th May – 6th June

03/2017 (UK)
TATE Exchange – Who are We?
The Citizenshop – Installation
TATE Museum of Modern Art
14th – 21th of March, London

09/10 /2016 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
Selection of best final projects
Lethaby Gallery

2016 (UK)
Central Saint Martins
Final year exhibition
21rst – 26th June

2016 (IT)
Citizenshop – Nominated Projects
MUDEC Milan during
Design Week Milan

2016 (FR)
Citizenshop – Nominated Projects
Palais de Tokyo, Do Disturb!

2016 (UK)
Citizenshop Installation
Bethnal Green Road, London
5 – 6 March 2016

2015 (UK)
Exhibition animated Storyboard
The Future of Urban Resilience
Arup Foresight and Innovation

2013 (DK)
Poster selection
Danish Poster Museum Aarhus,
Education Requires People,
Money & Instruments

04/2013 (D)
N.A.T.U.R. Festival, Bochum

04/2012 (ESP)
Citysalad exhibition at Mutuo Art
Centre by SHS Publishers, Barcelona

01/2012 (NL)
Citysalad exhibition at Proeftuin!
Showroom Arnhem

05/2011 (NL)
Launch of Citysalad at Zaait!
Rotterdamse Oogst on Noordplein

07/2010 (NL)
Exhibition Kolabo Summer Lab –
two week think tank
The Internet of Things
Rob van Kranenburg

10/2010 (UK)
Presentation and contribution
GalleryBetween. Studio B, London

11/2008 (ESP)
Selected entry, visual-dentity
published by Disseny D’HUB


01/2018 (UK)
Project Feature
The Citizenshop by Laura Gordon
Viewpoint Magazine, On the Move

Interview Feature
Project Release: Unequal Journeys
Open Democracy

2014 (US)
Small Talks
Interview: About the Process.
AIGA, Chicago

2013 (DE)
Turning Pages
Editorial Design for Print Media
Work contribution
Die Gestalten, Berlin

2013 (NL)
Volume #31: Guilty Landscapes
The Great Plastic Tide

2013 (NL)
Volume #32: Centers Adrift
Search and Supply

2013 (US)
Book review
Don’t: a Guide to Publicity in NYC
The New Yorker Magazine

09/2011 (NL)
Citysalad presentation
Imagine 2020 Festival
Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam

02 /2010 (NL)
Book presentation
The Last Supper
Wilde Weten, Rotterdam

03/2010 (NL)
Book presentation,
The Last Supper
Steetlab Zine Jam, Amsterdam

04/2010 (NL)
Selected entry Zine Festival,
Cannot Connect
Sonsbeek Villa, Arnhem

04/2009 (F)
Selected entry Manystuff
About Your Process 2
published by Charlotte Cheetham

03/2009 (NYC)
Nature versus Culture,
published by Graphic Union Press NYC

2013 (US)
Graphic Union Press NYC,
Nature vs Culture by Nele Vos
Ongoing research on the appearance of nature
in the urban environment.

10/2008 (NYC)
Typedesign Spelling Change
for Obama’s election campaign,
organized by Mother New York, NYC

06/2008 (NL)
ArtEZ Academy Arnhem Final
Year Catalogue, selected artwork cover,
published by ArtEZ, Arnhem, NL

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